My new book ‘Trumpet Fingers’ (2015)* is now available.

   – 108 pages of jazzy finger studies… check it out!

                         – and don’t forget –

‘Tune-in and Tone-up – A Jazz Workout’ (2013)**

   – a book of 10 jazz etudes and 20 jazz duets…

                – both available here!

“I just received your Jazz Workout book… I’m in France and have picked up the trumpet after a break of 30 years. Just wanted to let you know I’m really, really enjoying it… your book has made it all fun again… thanks for such a great book.”   Matt T.  – France

“It’s like learning the sentence structure of jazz. I hear phrases I’ve heard over the years. Now I know how they are notated.”   Pete D.  – Vermont

“I just bought your Bb book from Aebersold Jazzbooks.com and I love it… Sincerely, a great thank you for your knowledge and good taste shared in your book.”   Luis C.  – California


* also available at amazon.com and **Jamey Aebersold Jazz @ jazzbooks.com